The Digital Bum.

Finally, a place where you can experience a bum without going outside.

What is The Digital Bum?

Have you ever thought to yourself "man, I wish I could see a bum, but I don't feel like going outside"? Well now you don't have to leave your computer to see a bum! The Digital Bum delivers all of the experience of a real bum, only on the internet!

How does it work?

Utilizing a paradigm shift in CSS and AJAX, combined with the blazing power of Ruby on Rails and XHTML, and implementing Web 2.0 philosophy with electrical imaging representation acceleration, we can deliver the ultimate bum experience in the safety of your own home. To the layman, this means contact with a bum without a dirty feeling afterward.

What can it do?

The Digital Bum is fully capable of almost every feature a real life bum is. You can poke it. You can ignore it. You can give it cash and it won't even so much as say thank you. The Digital Bum is not capable of following you around until you give in, but our research teams are currently working on that feature.

Super Bonus Feature!

You can put the bum on your favorite virtual street corner. Type in the web address of some other website, and you will receive a special link that will put the bum near that website.